Driving Medicals

                      £60 Driving Medicals in Wigan

                                        Are you a driver or do your drivers need licence medicals?

                                                     Where do they go currently? Is it expensive?

We have a local GP performing HGV and LGV medical examinations for vans, trucks, horseboxes,  etc. and PCV medicals for buses, minibuses and coaches as well as Private hire and Hackney carriage (Taxi) medicals for local authorities. Please note that some local authorities require a taxi medical from your own GP and it is the drivers responsibility to check.

                                             We offer licence medicals for only £60 per person.

He is available 7 days a week, with hours to suit even the busiest lifestyles and I can usually arrange an appointment within 24 hours by telephoning:
07708 383 351

Appointments are available at the following premises:

109 Ladies Lane,




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